Create style for radius

I need create style for border radius


On a current big project, I noticed it is a necessary feature… It would be highly appreciated especially in a design language perspective


Nowadays, you can’t save corner radius as a design system parameters to apply to multiple layers.

Would be great to have the possibility to save this value as a style to reuse in multiple layers.


It’d be great if I could apply presets / styles to corners with different rounded corner stylings


We’re hitting this need too. Cross brand theming that needs some brands to use rounded card corners with differing values, 3px, 5px, etc, and others that don’t have any. Do the product owners keep an eye on these community forums?

Please Figma, we really need this feature. :innocent:

Come on Figma, you can do this and give us the style for radius.
Let me remind you, you are Figma! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

When are we getting this? - Even Sketch app has it now… :unamused:

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Our multi-brand DS would greatly benefit from being able to create corner radius tokens/styles.

for example corner-ui (#,#,#,#); corner-button (#,#,#,#); corner-label (#,#,#,#); etc.

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Big plus on this one

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Creating a multi-brand design system and was suprised to see the lack of the radius as a style feature - would hugely appreciate it added

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+1 to this idea!! This would be so incredibly helpful when creating larger design libraries/systems. I would love to be able to make updates to a corner radius without needing to go and manually update ever component/variant using that particular style.

+1 to this absolutely necessary feature.

+1. Use case: When swapping a brand library, corner radius for containers such as buttons and cards are lost, so they all have to be reapplied