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Create Sticky From Text

This works ok, however, when I run the plugin on paragraphs of text that are not one sentence long, a new sticky is made.
For example:
“The cat sat on the mat. The dog wanted to eat lasagne.” - If I ran the plugin on this paragraph, it would make 2 stickies instead of one. I think the plugin should be looking to break stickies from the ‘Return’ key not from the “period [space]”

Hey @James_Stables! Just to make sure I understand, it sounds like you’re referring to this plugin.

If so, this plugin was created by 3rd party for FigJam. Since that’s the case, I’d recommend you actually leave a comment on the plugin page or reach out to the contact email provided with this feedback. I think it would be super valuable for them to receive directly.

I’m going to close this topic, but feel free to open a new one if any other questions/feedback come up on your end.