Create new Team for each new year? (Large Org, lots of files each year)

I’m wondering how different design teams handle this. I work for a large organization on a design team with about eight of us. We all work in the same marketing “Team” in Figma, so all of our design files for DTC, Social, Website, Paid Social, Email, etc. are all in the same “Team,” as we collaborate on design across channels often and need visibility to each other’s work.

What I’m wondering is this: how do you keep your Figma space from getting overwhelmed by old files and projects to have to sift through when searching, while still maintaining easy access to older files and projects when needed?

We had the idea of creating a new “Team” each year (“Marketing - 2022”, “Marketing- 2023”, etc) to separate older projects and have a clean slate each year? Are there other options or ideas I may not know about?

Any thoughts or experiences are appreciated!