Create Folders/Categories/Tags for files

Hello there, I’ve got a request within projects & files: The larger our projects get the more I find that I’m running into a desire to group files within a project into their own groups within the current project.

For example, I open up a new project A → Then later find I’ve created lots of projects that are related to one another and would be easier to find if they were together. Especially for the rest of my team who does not spend as much time as I do in Figma.

I’ve got things in place to help make my work identifiable as fast as possible, but I still feel that grouping things together would be really helpful for wayfinding.

Thank you in advanced for your time and consideration!

Figma team, if you are listening, please just let me structure my files using folders. Stop trying to re-invent an already universally understood organization scheme.


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Button Your teams isnt interactive, why do you add it? and under it placed drafts tab, you can made it like PROJECTS or FILES tab, with filters from drafts and recent tabs. Just make smth with it. Why do you make recents and drafts that is files in diferent sections, moreover, they made it so that drafts are under a non-interactive and completely unnecessary element, which, among other things, also means not what drafts represent. You can make Projects and under it 2 tabs: recent, drafts. When I first downloaded Figma it was misleading, same as now


Hi @Elyriades, Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I found the other community member asking for something similar here. So I merged your post to have all the feedback in one place! Feel free to Vote up top!


Figma please add this feature asap - I need to create sub folders in my projects to better organise files - this would be so so helpful. Lets get this feature shipped asap :+1:t2:


3 years since the first request, 1000+ votes, but no update.


This could work in so many ways (onboarding, cross-feature work, etc), replying to keep the dream alive!

Adobe bought Figma, and still ignored this feature! are there something we don’t know would happen if they added or something?

I deleted some projects to organize the most important ones I have. there should be folders, Figma!

Adobe didn’t buy Figma, this is misleading

Since 2021 this still hasn’t been implemented? Such basic features. It’s very frustrating

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please make this happen Figma :face_holding_back_tears:

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Having to retroactively find and organise files is a time sink.
Particularly at an organisational level, if your team iterates loads and quickly.

I think a tiny amount of design friction here would help improve quality of life.

I would recommend that if an organisation:

  • Has projects or teams set up > Popup to select location of file > user selects location > new file opens

  • Does Not have projects or teams set up > Just open new file (as clearly no system in place)

I have different projects like Web designs, Mobile designs, Marketing and so on. Within Web I have around 150 files that are an absolute nightmare to find, sometimes even with the search tool (which struggles for whatever reason to find them, even when writing the full exact name of the file).

Having an inner organisation here in the shape of folders (or anything as mentioned, categories or tags too) would be extremely useful.

In the company I work for we are leaving Sketch behind in favor of Figma, and this is one thing Sketch simply does better with the called Collections. I find myself scratching my head and wondering why other customers of this product were repeatedly told about projects as their solution. We know about those, we need inner organisation within those projects. This thread is very old and it is concerning that people are still bringing this up with the same replies.

Are there any plans to implement this basic improvement?


It’s simply incomprehensible that there’s no way to further structure files. We’re just starting to set up Figma (moving over from Sketch), and are already stumbling over this limitation, mindblowingly bad for such a big and successful tool. :flushed:
Please add tagging – or at least folders!

I’ve only just started my design journey, so in the early days, I didn’t realise that I had a huge number of drafts and community files piling up. A few days ago I decided it was time to organise the files in the drafts into folders like ‘Studies’, ‘Community’, 'My Ideas, ‘References’, etc. I right-clicked on the empty space in the drafts section, expecting a list of commands to pop up, including ‘create folder’. I expected that because in 2024 the option’s been implemented in phones, in computers, in cameras, in just about every device! But nothing happened.

I went online to find out what was wrong and found out that in Figma you can organise files by using something called “projects”. I have a student subscription, so I was able to create projects… But they turned out to be completely useless. OK, I created the necessary folders/projects (‘Studies’, ‘Community’, 'My Ideas, ‘References’) in my team and dragged my drafts there, because… Yes, you still can’t create a folder/project in the drafts section, even with a paid plan. Folders/projects are only available within a team, gosh. Well, I can live with that last fact, but what if the organisation gets more complicated?

I am not able to create a subfolder/subproject ‘UX/UI’ in the ‘Studies’ folder/project, so I have to create an additional folder/project ‘UX/UI’ NEXT TO the ‘Studies’ folder/project instead of IN the ‘Studies’ folder/project, making it impossible to establish a hierarchy between these folders/projects. I don’t understand why. It’s basic mechanics, man, even physical libraries have directories with subdirectories, because hierarchy is important when working with any information. It is not just some random UX/UI folder, it is actually a subfolder with UX/UI for my studies and nothing else that I expect to see.

And what do developers and efficient managers hope for? That we will switch to a paid tariff? Well, we do, but even then we don’t have this BASIC function of data organisation. I feel like I’m not even in the Middle Ages (btw with its passion for classification!), but on another planet, and I can’t imagine how professionals work with dozens of projects and clients despite current conditions.

I’m not talking about the fact that this topic has been banally ignored for three or four years. Imagine Apple releasing a phone with a camera that only shoots in black and white. People are used to taking pictures in colour. They ask for the ability to see colour again, but the company blithely ignores them. It’s the same here. I am really confused.