Create Folders/Categories/Tags for files

I feel the same way. This is a very easy feature to develop. The problem is, they don’t even have this even for Enterprise account so people are forced to create Teams when they really don’t have to.

Hi all.
I am assuming it was already said and requested a lot of times - having one level of “files holder / aggregator” is not enough when wanting to arrange your files in a more organized hierarchy. In big projects its becoming quiet messy…
Would be great to have the ability to do so.



I think grouping Design Files together is a missing feature that would add the possibility for cleaning drafts feed.

Echoing what it seems many, many others are saying, file management in Figma is lacking. It goes Org/Team → Project → annnnd whatever files you have better fit inside there because that’s all you get. Subfolders? Never heard of 'em.

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Olá pessoal, gostaria de sugerir na aba de jobs da figma, vocês poderiam colocar um recurso para separarmos os arquivos por pasta, com isso, nós poderiamos separar os jobs dentro delas.

I join the author! It will be very convenient if drafts of a certain category will be located in a separate group or folder. I would add this idea here. Then it can be helpful to make a pinned group.

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I join the author on this request. Folders and tags would be IMMENSELY helpful in organizing our work.


Adding my voice from Shipt and Target’s UX teams. Please - we desperately need deeper folder hierarchies, tags, or something more than we have now. The currently structure isn’t sustainable for a big team. Organization is getting worse and worse as we grow.

  1. Figma relies on Project folders and Recent Files to organise files. A bookmarking feature would help me organise the top priority files.

  2. I work for an enterprise where I need to collaborate with various teams. We share the links with each other for reference, and in a month I have about 30-40 reference figma links from other teams. It becomes super chaotic to keep a track of all these files. Currently, I use Recent Files to go back to the file. However, it consists of other unimportant files I have opened as well.
    So, a bookmarking feature would help. And it would be great if those bookmarks could have folders for someone like me who work on multiple projects.

  3. Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?

I’d love to set any file in Drafts as Favorite, so I can easily find it, among others.
For instance, I’d like to have my main UI Kits at hand

Hello world!

I not have any idea if this is the best way to drop a suggetion, hoping so:

“be able to have folders and sub-folders (ad subsubsbussubs folders) for the projects?”

hope you like the idea.

Being unable to group files by folder is a real pain. Anyone who works on multiple projects or multiple things within a project could use this. Anyone who works with multiple people, from multiple different departments could use this.

Organizing files by folder is ancient UI design. Figma is meant to be a tool for UI designers. Why do we have to spend days begging for this basic feature?

  1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this
  • I open many figma files shared by other teams and designers. Things I don’t own. Some of these I want to keep and use as reference but they are hard to find again. I usually go to Recent and do a page search in chrome to find things. Recently I began making a dupe of some things and tucking them into my drafts. Help. I can imagine tags, favorites or some sort of proxy model. I would like to create a private project and put things in it that others own. I just want to organize these things.

Has anyone found a way to solve this that does not involve plugins? I cannot use 3rd party plugins at work.

*side note. The “optional tags” on these posts don’t allow me to add tags and from what I can see there is only 1 existing tag (for prototyping)


I want to score my files with star,because I collected lot of community figma files,but sometimes,I barely hard to find the files I want to use because I can’t recognite the file I used to reference;but the “sticky function” I don’t like it,because it will take over the page so much area;

I am form china,may be my eng not well,but I think I made my points clear?

:grinning: :grinning:

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YES to all of this, and also need a way to create quick access to files that are shared with me. I see them as two very related issues (IMO). But I would even do with better organization within our team space to start off with.

(I started a post on the need for “workspace” concepts)


Currently, a lot of users set a project thumbnail to present a large title and labels. could be nice if labels will be supported :slight_smile:

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From my understanding, currently in the all work files that sit in a “Team Space” are published and aren’t drafts or private to you. In this regard it would be great to have the ability to organise those files that are being co-worked on with other colleagues. To make it an easier process for everyone to find what people are looking for, maybe a “create folder” system tied in with a “drag and drop”. Something very similar to how Apple OS has it on their desktops in Finder would be awesome and make the interface really powerful IMO.

Anyways, keep up the awesome work. Best design tool i’ve ever used. xoxo Cam

  1. As a designer working on various team files, it would be nice to be able to have a consolidated view of files I favorite across teams. Although pins are still helpful, you need to know what exact team a specific file is on instead of having a summary of pages I pinned or want to access again.

  2. While Recent as an organization system can be helpful for short term engagement, it is still a challenge if I need to reference files beyond the filtered options. As a user, I don’t know if items I recently accessed within a year or two are falling off of recent.

  3. Does anyone else experience this? It seems like more manual work to create a separate repository outside of Figma for me to just keep track and record of design files, when I would like Figma to also have a more helpful directory for files I’ve interacted with.

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Related to @Edward_Guerra post working in a large enterprise org i want to be able to favorite files since i don’t own the file or have editing capabilities i want to be able to find files shared with me that i might need to review or follow along.

Is there a way to favorite or star things after i view them instead of keeping urls?


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Ability to organize draft files in folders please! Lack of organization quickly brings in chaos. Who has the time to go through all the drafts searching for one in particular?! Search function isn’t a solution because I sometimes don’t know what the files are named.