Could this be done? Calculating # of images | usecase provided below

So use case is, doing social media for not for profit soccer club, they have many teams, let’s say top 6 teams, we are capturing game photos and we want to have a figma UI card per player that says, what team + face photo + # on shirt & THIS [ the # of images we currently have of that player ] Photos that can either be a whole photo of action or the masked image we have of that player that we can then use on social media posts.

How might we? or can it be done, where it auto-calculates the # of images we have of a player and brings that number into their player card, sort of like a dashboard KPI heads upon a quick glance of that player? think of it like a FIFA game player card with his speed, dribbling and shooting # out of 100

I found this UI CArd which is close to what we want minus the logic of counting images of said player.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile: