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Copying content to another page with separate variants of components

I want to copy a lo-fi prototype into another page and start editing it into a hi-fi prototype.

My lo-fi prototype has components that carry over into the hi-fi page become instances.

I’d like the structure to remain the same within the hi-fi page, so I can make edits there without changing things in the lo-fi page, and without having to manually change every single connection between instances and components.

Is there an easy way to do this? I just want to keep the same structure, in a new page, and start changing things there without affecting previous work. You can do it individually one by one, but I can’t imagine someone with many components would want to do that.


OK, so. I sort of found a way.

Duplicate the file you’re working on.

Copy the things you want to move to the new page from that duplicate file.

The new page now has components that are its own.

Delete the duplicate file.

Or you can make new empty file. Copy and paste all things you want to the new file. And after that copy from new file and paste back to oryginal file.