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Copy Paste From Illustrator

Hello guys,

This is my first topic here.

I’ve started using Figma few months ago, getting used to it and I really like it, since I use Adobe for years, Figma is intuitive and have a very good performance on the app.

The reason I’m opening this topic it’s because I can’t normally copy/past assets from illustrator any more.

I used to copy larg group of vectors, text, etc and Figma used to recognize them perfectly, now when I paste items from Illustrator or even Adobe XD it paste as Images, not as a group of vectors.

I’ve tried to copy/paste from different computers and still the same result

There is any suggestion on how to copy/paste vector/text again?

Thank you!


You need to go to Illustrator settings and enable copying as SVG.

It’s already set like this,

On windows and macbook

And this is the result when I paste a group:

Edit: It works only with vectors, I noticed that this happens when I copy text and that doesnt happened before

Hmm that’s weird. Maybe try disabling this setting, saving settings and then turning it on again? I don’t know what else could be wrong with Illustrator here.

I actually copy pasted to Adobe XD, worked fine, then copied from Adobe XD to Figma, same result :frowning: