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Copy Paste From Illustrator

Hello guys,

This is my first topic here.

I’ve started using Figma few months ago, getting used to it and I really like it, since I use Adobe for years, Figma is intuitive and have a very good performance on the app.

The reason I’m opening this topic it’s because I can’t normally copy/past assets from illustrator any more.

I used to copy larg group of vectors, text, etc and Figma used to recognize them perfectly, now when I paste items from Illustrator or even Adobe XD it paste as Images, not as a group of vectors.

I’ve tried to copy/paste from different computers and still the same result

There is any suggestion on how to copy/paste vector/text again?

Thank you!



You need to go to Illustrator settings and enable copying as SVG.

It’s already set like this,

On windows and macbook

And this is the result when I paste a group:

Edit: It works only with vectors, I noticed that this happens when I copy text and that doesnt happened before

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Hmm that’s weird. Maybe try disabling this setting, saving settings and then turning it on again? I don’t know what else could be wrong with Illustrator here.

I actually copy pasted to Adobe XD, worked fine, then copied from Adobe XD to Figma, same result :frowning:

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I have the same problem when copying and pasting text from MS OneNote 2016 into Figma. It pastes the text as an image.
There are no options in OneNote that I am aware of to copy objects as an SVG; and this would not make sense for text anyway.
It feels like a bug to me that only happens when copying from certain apps. I can copy the same text from OneNote to Notepad++ and then to Figma and it is pasted correctly as a text object.
N.B. i have just filed a bug report about this.

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I came across the same issue with Copy and Paste from Illustrator not working with Illustrator 2021 on Windows.
Will test with older versions.

Update: Works fine with version 25.1, fails with 25.3

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Did you find an issue ? I have the same bug :confused:

Same problem here doesn’t work on the latest update. Pasting SVG as images.

Can anyone confirm if he has the same problem on the latest AI version?


I am experiencing the same bug. I am using latest illustrator 2021, 25.3.1 updated from creative cloud just yesterday i believe, and Figma Desktop app 98.14. I never ever had this problem before, core install of both tools worked fine. Now i just installed windows 10 and started using those again, and this happened.

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Works fine with version 25.0 Illustrator. Instail latest version.



I just rollbacked to version 25.0 and its working.

It wasnt working with new version 25.3


This have driven me mad all day! Not sure if its a Figma or Illustrator problem, will try to roll back and see if it helps

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Same issue. Rolled back Illustrator and it’s working fine now. Shakes fist at Adobe

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same Case . I can’t to copy vector AI to figma ,
When I copied to figma just show images of vector , Not vector

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Ok, so it is Illustrator problem? In that case, can someone please confirm is it working only with 25.0. because there are like 5-6 versions before 25.3.1 when you list older versions in creative cloud.

I have moved on version 25.0 It is working now :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Adobe found out how fast people can migrate to Figma, and just removed this feature to try prevent the inevitable. Thanks for the tip, indeed rolling back to 25.0 gives back the perfectly working ‘copy shapes in Illustrator’ » ‘paste as shapes in Figma’ functionality.

Don’t update your Illustrator anymore :slight_smile:

Illustrator v25.2.3 still works fine. Anything above v25.3 completely removes this functionality.

Save as SVG in Illustrator. Go to Figma, Place image.
There you can edit the vector.