Copy comments from a Figma files to another one while duplicating/copying content/designs

copy comments from a Figma file to another one while duplicating/copying content/designs.


As a researcher (aka I am not the Figma Guru) working with designers in the Figma files. Being able to have a copy of my comments for my records as researcher and pushing duplicate comments for the designer to resolve as they wish to without interfering with my historical copy of why we decided to change the design would be a wonderful product addition!

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Has there been a solution to the copying over of comments along with a file if you copy the file from 1 file to a new file in Figma? Thank you


Hi everyone,
I’m trying to use the API to get file comments and then post them in the same location on another file which is a duplication of the original.
Figma attaches comments in frames to a node_id.
Does anyone know if the new file (the duplicated one) has a different node_id for the frames than the original? if so, how can I post the comments on the new file at the same location, any ideas?

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this is a very needed functionality!!! thank you for starting convo! @figma a reply and timeline would be much appreciated on this topic!

This feature has been noted a few times in Figma forums

When consolidating Figma and FigJam files, it is quite a pain for us to not have the comments carried with the objects being copied. I’m sure others feel the same way. I would love to see this on the roadmap as an option (e.g. after pasting, it asks if comments should be included or not).

If anyone finds or creates a plug-in that can copy Figma or FigJam comments, please share it here!

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Hey All, thanks for the feedback! We’ll pass this onto our team for the consideration.

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It’s absolutely needed we work in a studio file and a client file and and we get the comments on the client file. We need a way to transfer the commend to the studio file .
the reason for having two files in the first place is to not disclose our work on the project between meetings.

just having a copy with comments shortcut would do

I ran into this issue today when moving components from a work file into the design system. My coworker is on leave now so theres some comments she left in the component, I don’t want to delete it so when i tried transferring the component all the comments disappeared. would be helpful if you cut the comment it can be moved to another page or another file. thank you!

I’m chiming in here as this is a huge +1 from our team of 10. Our file has gotten so large and complex and when we want to split pages off, it becomes a choice of if we want to lose context from our comments or not.

I really hope to see this soon, because we’ve been having this issue for at least a year and it would make our Figma experience 10x…

Agree with Mike - our small team often overloads files as well. Comments are essential for our stakeholders, engineers, everyone. Battling memory vs. comments when we encounter this is crazy.

I really need it

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I hope this gets added soon. At least allow us to toggle the option to copy comments on demand.

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