"Copy as text" should be the default when copying text, instead of also copying text style

Am I the only one that is baffled why copy and replace text style is the default and not “copy as text?”

Usually, copy and pasting text from somewhere else into an existing design text component-the reason being that you want the else where text to go into your design yes? But instead, it copies the formatting of the source and reformats the element you are pasting it into. Anyone else frustrated by having to right click to get “copy as text” to circumvent the confusing default setting?


I’m with you.

Meanwhile heres the shortcut to paste plain text: Shift + Cmd + V

You maybe should change the headline to make it a bit more self explainatory.

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I see two options:

  1. Make “copy as text” the default for CMD+C.
  2. Add the standard macOS shortcut for “paste and match style”, CMD+Option+Shift+V.

As far as I can tell, the latter doesn’t do anything in the latest version, so it seems safe to introduce at least “paste and match style”.

Still, I’m leaning towards “copy as text” becoming the default, I literally use it 20 times everyday and it’s crazy that I need to open a context menu to do so! :exploding_head:

Edit: Sorry @Dennis_N, that’s actually such a great tip, but I don’t understand why Figma wouldn’t just use the shortcut that macOS has been using for many years.

Edit: Hmm, just realised Figma introduced CMD+Option+Shift+V as “paste to replace” for components. In hindsight I feel like that was a bad decision, it should have been the other way around – CMD+Option+Shift+V being “paste and match style” for text and CMD+Shift+V for “paste to replace” of components …

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Copy text is my number 1 Pain Point! in Figma

Copy text - Cmd+C | Copy text with style - rightClick Copy/Paste as text with style
Simply Figma need to switch function.

My problem:

  1. Creating a component - with its own styles and properties.
  2. Using component by multiplying it.
  3. Copy text from anywhere in my file.
  4. Paste into my component.

Result - Not that expected!!!
Text will be with its old style - lame! Component - is useless!!!

Also, same problem wile trying to avoid copying text without style from sentence - to copy only one word or few words - need to copy it like text and then only cut the words!


This is also a huge pain point for me!

At the very least it would be great to have the option to change the default to copy as text. OR pull the “Copy as text” option out into the top level right-click menu so that I don’t have to go into the “Copy/Paste as…” menu everytime I want to copy text

For me Cmd+Shift+V conflicts with another clipboard manager I use, but even if I disable that Cmd+Shift+V seems to past the entirety of the text source (vs what I highlighted and copied)

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