Convert/import Invision files to Figma?

I haven’t used Invision in a while. When I recently wanted to check out some old projects (~2019) for my portfolio, I realized that all my prototypes in the Studio App was gone. Customer support informed me that the app was fully deactiated and removed back in jan 2023.

I have the .studio source files on a harddrive. Is there any was to convert/import these projects and open them in Figma (or Adobe XD/any other software)??

I would so so so appreciate any tips and help! It would really suck if all my projects are gone for good…

Thank you!!

Hi Hanna, Thank you for getting in touch! I completely understand your situation.
While I wish I could offer more assistance, please note that .studio files are not directly supported for import into Figma. You can refer to the list of supported file types here: Import files into Figma

I’ve also looked into potential plugins that might address this, but haven’t come across any so far. Let’s keep an eye out for any insights or solutions that others in the community might have!

Thank you,

got same issue

Thank you for checking, I really hope someone figures out a solution!

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what is the best way to convert invsion into Figma design including layers ?
i tried to create sketch file in invision but Figma load it as gray squares…
help please :slight_smile:

@Hanna_Gulbrandsen Hanna_Gu Hi. Have you found any solution? We have the same issue and can’t convert our .studio prototype file in any other format…

Sadly, no… :frowning: