Continues error: "Plugin not allowed by your organisation"

Since last update, Every time I try to use a plugin I’m getting the error “Plugin not allowed by your organisation”, even if they are!

Workaround: Refresh tab and then the plugins work.

It is very annoying having to reload tabs everytime you want to use a plugin.

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Hmm @Roberto_Pinto1 - does this happen across both the desktop app and Figma on the web? Trying to eliminate some possible issues.

This is happening to me in desktop app, I never use Figma on the web so I can’t tell if this also happens on web!

@Roberto_Pinto1 can you give it a try on the web to see if this translates over?

So I have tried it in web version, and it does translates over!

Hmmm - let me check in with some folks on my end, and I’ll get back to you.

Not sure if this could be tied to this bug, or if it’s just another bug.
On Friday I started getting like a double contextual menu for the plugins, and it’s weird that only the bottom options are clickable.
Please see this video for reference.

@Roberto_Pinto1 Thanks for this! I actually touched base with an engineer, and they let me know that this is something being investigated – not quite sure on status of a fix, but I’ll keep tabs on this internally, and let you know if I get an update.