Continue scrolling after reaching the edges of a "vertical scrolling" frame

Hi all :smile:
I am trying to create a scrollable frame (inside the device’s frame).
What happens is, when previewing the prototype, the scroll on this frame works just fine, but as soon as it reaches one of the edges of the scroll, I was expecting it to keep scrolling in the parent frame, but it just gets stuck - I have to move the mouse out of this frame to scroll in the page.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a general behaviour?

Thank you!!

I have this exact issue as well and would love a solution. Once I reach the end of the frame with overflow, it just stops until I exit that frame into the parent frame.

Another frustration is when scrolling and entering the frame, it doesn’t grab the overflow frame but instead scrolls passed it.

Ideally one could scroll, enter the new frame, then scroll within this frame, and exit as usual once the frame edge is reached.

Any help would be great!

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I have this issue too.
I would love to see it addressed, this scroll behaviour is really frustrating when demonstrating prototypes.

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Same here, any solutions found?

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