Content jumps up and down with using of smart animate and AL

I use some components in footer, that have two states: collapsed and expanded. All components and the main frame have Auto Layout. When I click on the collapsed component in the prototype the screen jumps up and down before the list expands with animation.

As I understand, the problem is connected to constraints of the contents. When I choose Smart Animation, I can’t set checkbox “Preserve scroll position”, because there is no checkboxes.

When I choose “Instant” and choose the “Preserve scroll position” option everything works well. But I want to do it with animation.


I also have this issue, have you found the fix yet?

Me too. I was having the same issue and I was wondering if I was doing something wrong.

I have the same :frowning:

“the top level frame name should be identical with the target frame, otherwhise the preserve scroll won’t work.”

It works for me

also have this issue, have you found the fix yet?

testing this

Me too. I was having the same


I was having a this problem and after some troubleshooting, I realized that I had a frame (in my case, this was a background design) that wasn’t set to Clip in the same size as all the other frames I was prototyping.

TLDR;Making sure all my frames, groups and autolayouts were clipped in the same size fixed this issue for me.

OK. Bit annoying but tested. I had this issue with smart animate within a mobile prototype that jumped to top/didn’t maintain scroll position; made sure frames were in the same name and position, and even tried evening out the outer frames (‘pages’) height. Didn’t work.

FIX: I renamed the artboard/pages frames - to the SAME NAME; it works like magic.
format should be “FrameName” or “FrameName/Name” (the issue here was that I used dash-” instead of slash/”, use Slash).

I Hope Figma would fix this transition regardless of frame names.


I don’t understand your solution - you’re saying you’ve renamed the frames to the same name, but what if I’m having this issue with a component on a single page? There is nothing to rename there, I’m assuming your problem was between multiple pages somehow, but I’m having this issue while staying on one page and simple clicking between two variants of a component.

True, separate pages. However I also encountered similar issues on multiple components within a single page, in most cases the issues were with components with multiple variants and inside elements with auto layout. Try breaking apart or place complex components outside of autolayout elements, might do the trick.

That’s going to be a problem, because I need the auto layout for the content to be pushed. Essentially, I’m in a very similar position as OP, and it’s frustrating. Not a big deal, because it’s just a prototype and doesn’t have to look perfect, but it’s a shame that there are so many bugs in Figma.

I suppose I’ll try breaking down the components within components that I have and see if anything changes. This is what I’m opening up, and all those checkboxes etc. are components.