Constraint Left and Right disabled when frame is set to fixed on scroll

If I have a frame set to be fixed on scroll, I cannot select its constraints to be “Left and Right”. I have to move to the prototype tab, set it to “scroll with parent”, then set the constraints, and then move back to the prototype tab to set it back to “Fixed”

I don’t understand why fixed items cannot be set to “Left and Right”, but at least before, setting a frame to be fixed was just a checkbox above the constraints that I could quickly toggle on or off. Now, if I group frames that were set to be fixed on scroll, I have to reset the constraints, and its become a bit of convoluted process.


Hey @Shukri, sorry for the trouble!

Thanks for taking the time to reach out about this! This is a bug that we’re already tracking, where the “fix position when scrolling” disables certain constraints.

We don’t have a timeline of when a fix will be available yet, but the best workaround in the meantime is to continue how you’ve been doing with unchecking “fix position when scrolling” first to adjust the constraints.

Keep an eye out for a future release that launches the fix.

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Hi all,

I have been seeing this problem for quite some time so thought I should let you guys know. The constraints “Left and right” “top and bottom” and “scale” on elements don’t show up when “Fix position on scrolling” is on. This always makes me turn off the checkbox and turn the constraint on and then revert back by enabling the checkbox.

Attaching some screenshots for the same:

  1. when checkbox is on, it does not allow using the constraints “L&R” and “Scale”

  1. Turning off the checkbox and selecting the constraint

  1. Turning on the checkbox after selecting

This makes it a little unintuitive and uses several clicks when it could work in just two clicks. Is there any reason it is built this way. can this be fixed?

Thanks in advance.

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I’ve been feeling same thing. Fix position + Left and right constraints would be like style="position: absolute; left: 0; right: 0" in CSS.

I’ve been experiencing the exact thing, feels like a bug…

Any news about this bug?

Just bumping this topic. As a new user I was confused why it wouldn’t allow me to constrain while the “Fix position when scrolling” checkbox was enabled. It’s particularly tedious when the layer drops down and gets hidden by other layers…

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Bumping it again, having all constraints available for fixed elements seems necessary.

Honestly Figma: this is a major bug and it is really annoying. Please fix this.
There can be no reason to block the constrains this way. No: obviously there is none, otherwise the annoying workaround (switching from “Fixed” to “Scroll with parent”, change the constrains to left and right, Top and bottom or scale and then switching the scroll behavior back to “Fixed”) would not work.

Please, please, pleas fix this!!!

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Same problem here, made worse by removing the fix-position-checkbox. prior to that at least the checkbox was next to the constraints widget, now you have to switch between the design and the prototype tab. +1 for a fix!

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lol.I thought i did not know what i was doing days ago. Its actually a bug :laughing: .

Same problem today, not possible to apply left and right constraint on drop-down item of the select component (drop-down : absolute position).

Hi I have two sub-layers that one have left and right contrain option enabled but the other unable is greyed out. How do I troubleshoot?

The solution of:

  • unfix position
  • select left + right
  • fix position

used to work for me, but not anymore :frowning: anyone else?

Thanks for this reply! I just did what you said and it worked. For me at least.

Apparently you have to set the constraints parameters you want before you fix it on scroll.

this hack doesn’t seem to work now that the “fix position” checkbox has been moved into the prototyping tab dropdown. I feel like i’m taking crazy pills - why can’t i just anchor these elements left and right while avoiding scroll?

Any update on this?

Hi there! You did a great product upgrade this summer but didn’t decide the issue with constraints… Am I sure?

It’s been years and years now. When will this be fixed? You moved the settings for scrolling under the prototype tab, which has made it even more of an annoying thing to manually change.

Can this please be prioritized? I’m amazed at all the weird, super niche, and buzzword updates we’re getting … but the core functionality issues, like this one, just remain in the product.

The irony of a UX tool having such terrible UX is palpable.

+1 to fix this bug please :pray: :smiling_face: