Connection error: -118

Hello, there is a problem with my figma desktop on Windows:

Connection error: -118

Your computer may be offline or the Figma server may be experiencing problems.

However, the web side can be used normally
help me!!!

Hi samoyezie_Li,

Thanks for reaching out about it! Error 118 nearly always indicates theres a network issue on your side and we’d suggest checking our Technical troubleshooting tips and trying a different browser and another network.

Since it’s specific to one network, we’d suggest speaking to the network admin if it’s a shared network, like a company or school, or your ISP if it’s your home network. You may also need to adjust your VPN, proxy or firewall settings to unblock port 443 and safe list as shown in that article.

Because we don’t have access to your system or network settings we’re unable to effectively troubleshoot this kind of problem with you. But please let us know if you have any follow up questions and we’ll be happy to help where we can by filling this form for help: here