Connect Libraries to Slides

This is MUCH needed. Our libraries contain already established typography and color styles that we use throughout our product and branding. Being able to link these styles with Slides presentations would GREATLY help our marketing and sales presentations look polished. The sales and marketing teams could focus more on the content and the branding and design teams can spend less time we styling everything once the presentation is done.

Yes, components in libraries are not necessarily helpful here, but color/type styles/variables are critical.


It’s been working for me so I know you can already do this. Unless it’s for some reason limited to Org and Enterprise tiers, like custom template publishing for some reason is…

Here’s the support link I found for it:

Unless I’m blind, there is no “Assets” tab in Slides for me. PRO plan. But the Learn you’ve linked states that it is available for any plan.

This is where you want to click, hope it helps. The Figma documentation is not that good yet.

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Damn, that is some weird UX. Thank you @Brian_Saunders!

The thing I miss there is a search in the library itself. But good enough for beta. I’d recommend to Figma designers to give a bit of a thought to placement of the Asset Libraries, the Plus did not associated it to me at all.

I agree—I think maybe with Slides they are trying to balance the challenge of using patterns that designers who use Figma a lot already know, and making it easier to understand for an audience that doesn’t use Figma that much. That’s my best guess, at least. It took me a couple hours to get used to how things work in Slides because there are a lot of subtle differences from how things work in design files.

Connecting the library works, but accessing certain styles within the library does not. I managed to create a grid style in my library, and succesfully use it in Slides, but text styles are unavailable. Clicking the “+” then clicking on my library reveals a mostly empty window. Seems like a bug, but maybe I’m missing something.

Slides should be able to bring in your text styles from shared library.
I see no way to change to uppercase within slides or any letter case options.

Hey All, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our Slides team for future consideration.

Also if you make a slide template with a library it doesn’t carry over any of the styles in your new slides file you are building from your template. You have to go back and add the library.

Another thing, anyone else having this weird bug happen when you add your library all of your slides and add new slide button disappear on the left side panel?