Conflict between changes in the same main frame

Hey guys! :call_me_hand:

Recently, my team was using branchs of Figma to deliver tasks and freeze the “definitive version” for the devs in the main file with the following workflow:

  • Design planning → Claim task “ownership” → Create a branch → Do the task-> Devs and stakeholder review → Adjusts (if we have to) → Merge tasks into the main file

This way devs only see the main file and the changes that comes to then were approved by everyone before shows off in the “current design”

But we need to stop working with branches and we are trying to find another way to “version the files”/“freeze the frames” to the devs (maybe with 2 files, one for design and another to devs) because we encounter an problem in this flow and I need some help or guidance of anybody that uses or thinks about using branches to versioning or handoff like we used to do

The problem is: Figma is not “smart with changes” in branches because if I have a frame and create a 2 branches for different tasks. Ex:

  • In the first branch I need to adjust the form in that frame X

  • In the second branch I need to change the position of a button in the same frame X

When I try to merge the branches what I expect to happend is: The frame in the main file will get the new form from the first branch and the button reposition from the second branch. But what happens is that Figma can’t understand what happens INSIDE the main frame, so what it does? Figma makes me choose like “Ok, what you want? The frame with the new form OR the frame with the new button?” because it only compares if ANYTHING has changed in the main frames, I can’t merge both changes in the main files and have what I expected

So, anyone one uses branches for tasks like we tried to do? If you do, how you solve this conflict between changes in the same main frames for different branches?

P.S: If anyone is asking “Why you don’t just create a branch with the form AND the button change and merge everything together?”

What I said in my question was just an example, but with large changes maybe one change is approved and the other one don’t, so I need to merge just one of them of sometimes, that’s why we used to split branches task based

What I’m saying is: I can’t do this on Figma

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