Components Shifting when Selected - Any Fixes?

I’m having an issue where my components and text shift slightly when they are selected. I’ve tried changing their Scroll behavior from ‘scroll with parent’ to ‘fixed’, but that hasn’t done anything to keep them still. I don’t want to have to lock each component. I would like to be able to select them and not have them shift.

It appears to me that my components are shifting to align/center themselves with another object or path. I have tried turning off all of the ‘Snap to’ preference options, but that doesn’t stop them from shifting either.

This happens to both my text and my components. I’ve tried the “Recompute Text Layout in Selection” and “Regenerate All Instances (Slow)" commands in the Quick Actions, and those have not fixed this issue either.

Anybody know why this is happening and how to fix it?

I have a recording demonstrating this issue, but I am unable to upload attachments as a new user.

@Jackie_Tran You should be able to attach and upload the video you recorded now! Please feel free to post as a reply and I’ll take a look (just make sure it doesn’t have anything you need to keep private for NDA or privacy reasons).

Here is the recording:

@ksn This is the recording. In the video I am selecting on my components, they shift and then I Ctrl+Z to get them back. It looks to me like they are snapping to another object or path since the red line appears when they shift. Any fixes?

thanks @Jackie_Tran – going to consult our support team and get back to you.

@Jackie_Tran I spoke to one of our tech quality experts, and they would like to review the file you have to see if there’s anything running background that’s causing these issues. I’m going to follow up with you in a PM to get your best contact info.