Components in text


it would be nice to have the option to insert floating components inside text (like Emojis).

Use case would be for signs or infos in complex dashboards. Its a hustle to do this now manually and also set kind of boundingboxes to sync different heighs of text and component.



I want to add a text link component within a paragraph of text. I was thinking about using two text fields, one “text before” and one “text after link” and applying the auto-layout wrapping option. Unfortunately the text doesn’t wrap within the text field, but instead the entire text field is pushed into the next line. Are there any workarounds?


I often have a trailing icon component, ellipsis or “show more” component displayed at the end of text. As requested from several other contributors, I think it would be valuable to have the ability to add a component within a text element so that it adapts to the position of where it is located within the text.


Same dilema

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100% this would be a fantastic enhancement to Figma. Currently the Auto Layout - Wrap functions like flexbox wrap, which is great for frames.
However when grouping multiple text elements it should behave more like display:inline

Having 2 text styles in a single text block is unreliable and prevents the ability to use text property variants in components.

+1, we just need “inline” (vs block) components. This is a core feature in CSS layouts but has to be hacked together all crazy in Figma. Allow us to at least mimic a “span” tag with basic features like background color, border, and padding — that would handle 90% of use cases IMO.

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Is this feature updated? really need inline components!

+1 also for our team it would be useful to put inline components in text. Vital? No, but very useful

Same here for text link components! +1

Another +1 … I’ve been requiring this for so long for creating interactive reporting dashboards / exporting results to pdf.