Components are not working

In the past week, I’ve been experiencing an issue with my Figma files. We have a complex Design System with a specific file for icons. Even though the icons are published, I can’t use them in “Swap Instance” because most of them don’t appear. Strangely, they all show up in the sidebar, but they’re not visible in the “Swap Instance” feature.

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Hey @Luiz_Eduardo_Andreolla, I can see that you’ve already filed a support ticket. I am going to share the outcome of the ticket here in the forum for community members experiencing similar issues.

If possible please share a screen recording with the support team. Please include the whole window, with the properties and layers panels in view and relevant layers expanded, and select any layers you’re having trouble with so we can check any relevant settings. Support use these videos to try and reproduce the issue in their own files and so showing all steps needed to reproduce the behavior is helpful.


I’m having a similar problem, my icons have variables (ex: Chevron - up, down, left, right), and I can’t swap between the variables, it shows a list similar to what the parent component would have, and when I try to swap the component it shows the list but clicking does nothing. Detaching the component makes the thing work again but I use a design system, we’re not supposed to detach it.

Hey @CamilaB, thank you for reaching out! Let me reach out to the teams internally, I’ll get back to you as soon as I have more information on this.

Appreciate your patience in the meantime!