Component text jumping up

Hey Figma community - is anyone having issues with text jumping up the frame on click?

What’s happening is the following:

  1. I have design system components and my own components in a spec file, including inputs, buttons, etc. A lot of these instances have text props
  2. Clicking on the text, or even the component makes the text layer jump up. This is affecting text in auto layout too, where it will jump 1 or 2 times above the frame bounds of the box
  3. Only fix I have without resetting, is setting the text layer to align middle
  4. Otherwise I’m resetting all and reconfiguring my component

Is anyone else dealing with this issue? If so, have you fixed it? Or what are your work arounds?

Outline mode image for example, but you can see the top tab bar’s text has “jumped” up, while the fresh instance has everything on its baseline

Also having this issue. It seems to be related to components with text layers (both local and in external library).

Detaching the component temporarily resolves the issue (you can undo the detach after it is resolved), but it seems to happen again even after the temporary resolution. I’ve submitted a support request as well, just adding a +1 here.


I had the same issue,I changed smart animate to dissolve.If you want same effect as smart animate,slow effect can come near to it,though will not be exactly the same effect.

Hey there
I noticed a similar problem on our project, when I tried to detect the root of the problem, I noticed that one of our teammates had done something wrong.

that was it: the whole auto layout was set to “Hug content” and on the other hand, the component inside of it were set to “Fill container”, so Figma couldn’t see the proper logic to calculate. To fix this, you just need to change of them.

generally Figma changes one of them, according to the last change to prevent this bug, but sometimes it goes wrong and runs to a bug.

I guess it will solve your problem too, and there will be no more jumpy-jumpy auto layouts or components or text layers :wink: