Component menu under resources should remain open


I use the Resource popup to select icons. I search for the icons and drag them to the design file. Every time the resource popup is closed after drag, I think it should open until I click somewhere on the design file, or I can close it with a close button. When I want to choose more than one icon, every time components load again, this is unnecessary.

Thanks for the suggestion @Hasim – I thought there was a similar feature request on this that existed in the forum already, but I haven’t been able to locate it.

I went ahead and re-titled your topic and left it as a share feedback topic – that way others can find it better and add a +1 vote :smiley:

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Click on the “Dock to side” icon at the top right of the Resources modal or move the modal.

Thank you for your suggestion, but this is not the same. Maybe there is a pin icon, and we can hold the popup open until we are done.

Thank you. I think it will be useful.

This is exactly what you want.

Thank you. I tried it many times. But I don’t think this is necessary. Yes, it works, but I still think the pin button could be a better solution.

Could you share details why the “Dock to side” feature doesn’t solve your issue?

The change of location and size bothers me. There is no need for the panel to extend all the way down. With the floating window, I feel like it will disappear when I close it with the x button. It doesn’t feel like it will go back to its original position when I close it. Because this is what happens in many applications and we have a habitual feeling.