Component - figma duplicates the icon

When i create a component to make a button (with a text, a shape and an icon which is a component itself), Figma duplicates the icon as well. What is the best practice? What should i do with this duplicated icon?

Thank you.

Hi there,

Thanks for the post! I’m trying to understand what you’d like to achieve, but I hope I can have more information to help you better. Could you share the issues with a little bit more details, please?

In general, components in Figma are elements you can reuse across your designs. They help to create and manage consistent designs across projects, and they are used in quite many ways. You can learn about components here:

In addition to that, there is a best-practice article about components, so this could be a great resource to think about how you can use components:

I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have more further questions!


This is why Figma takes out the master component of your icon separately and uses its instance instead.

thank you very much for your answer.
so if i use a master component only inside other master components, i should just delete the first one, right?

It depends on your tasks. If you do not need and will not use this component anywhere else, you can delete it.

Please read articles on the Internet about what the components are needed for and how to use them.

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