Component BUG in Instance ( Title text getting swapped with content text)

Hi guys, so my problem is with a component with different states, and one of the states has dropdown list, when this component is used in an instance with different title text and dropdown texts, there are 2 problems:

  1. The title text gets swapped with content text in one of the states(state which has dropdown list)
  2. The dropdown list contents also change back to the ones in component ( inspite of adding text property)
    Please find the attached images for your reference. Please help.

Problem 1> If u notice , the title text is supposed to be named connections and text in the bar is supposed to be “select connections”( refer next image) but in the dropdown state it is getting swapped.

Problem 2> The dropdown list is supposed to be named as connection 1, connection 2 etc
but it keeps getting changed back to the text in original component i.e machine 1 ,2 ,3 .

It is impossible to determine the structure of your variants from the screenshots you provided, but usually the solution to the problem is this:

Thanks a ton Tank I was able to resolve both my issues with the above suggestions. Thank you once again , you’re the man :grin: