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Comments Visible to Anonymous Prototype Users

In order to help guide a client or stakeholder through a design when my team isn’t available, we use comments to explain our decisions. We recently noticed that anonymous viewers of prototypes can no longer view comments without having an account. In our use case, users won’t need to respond to comments as they’re used as a guide, which makes signing up only to read them very inconvenient and a big friction point.

It would be great if there were a way that those anonymous users can be allowed read access to the comments in the file. If they wish to leave a comment, then they could either sign up/login to an account, or use something like the solutions offered in Easier access for commenters.

Without this, we will be forced to find a new solution to guide users through our decision-making process without needing them to watch/skip around a long screen recording or us having to remake all pages and comments in a PDF or Invision.