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Easier access for commenters

I feel like the process for allowing someone to be able to comment on a prototype is really convoluted. I work with a lot of different clients, each of whom need to get feedback from various stakeholders within their organisation (healthcare sector, so lots of checking and approvals). Currently if I share a prototype with them they have to:

  1. Click into the prototype
  2. Find the comment button (could be more obvious)
  3. Enter their email and set a password
  4. Confirm what job role they are and choose if they want updates from Figma
  5. Go to their email and click the ‘Verify email’ link
  6. They get taken to their ‘Recent files’ (why?)
  7. Find their way back to the prototype
  8. Finally leave a comment

Even if they have an account already, as far as I can see if you sign in from the prototype, it automatically takes you to your recent files view - really frustrating for the user, all they wanted to do was leave a comment on the thing they were already looking at.

I totally get the need to associate comments with individuals, but all this needs is an email address. The ideal user story would be:

  1. Click into prototype
  2. Click a nice clear ‘Add comment button’
  3. Choose whether to a). Comment as a one-time user, b). Sign in or c). Create a full Figma editor account (added benefits etc etc)
  4. After choosing (a), they just enter their email address (and choose whether they want reply notifications) and they can comment immediately

Most of my clients are used to receiving PDFs for them to provide feedback on, which from their perspective is really easy - they open the file, add a comment and send it back. It’s a nightmare for us to manage their feedback, but what do they care? If we don’t make the process of providing feedback via the prototype easier for the end user, they just won’t do it, and we’re stuck in the dark ages managing Big_Client_Website_v2 - TA Comments 15 Feb amended.pdf.

Or am I missing something and Figma already does this? :rofl: