Comments not working

When selecting the comments icon, the icon is now black in the window. After writing a comment, it seems like everything is fine, then the comment disappears and not logged.

Help please.

You are right it seems like this everything is fine but it disappears. i have the same problems.

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Hey @Sampson_Mark and @Robert_Elite,

Is this happening both in-browser and using the desktop app? Is this occurring when adding comments onto the design canvas and/or while presenting the prototype?

Hi @Sampson_Mark and @Robert_Elite ,

I’m a member of the Figma engineering team. Are either of you still experiencing this issue? I believe that if you refresh your tab/window, you should be able to comment again, but if you are currently experiencing the issue, our team would love to jump on a screenshare and grab some additional debugging information before you do that.

If either of you are still experiencing the issue and would like to screenshare, DM me or reply here - thanks!

  • R.J.
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Today it seems to be working. So mark as ‘Resolved’ please. Thanks.