Commenting and inspect available on a prototype in preview mode

As a workaround for Figma’s shortcoming around dev handoff, I’d like to see a couple of features added to prototype capability. These things should be simple to add and will solve a frustration that many, many Figma users currently experience.

The problem:
There is no way to save and publish a “collection” of specific frames the make up a user flow for handoff to dev that they can:

  • click through, one frame at a time
  • comment on
  • inspect

The solution:
Add options for the prototype preview which already provides a way to click through the frames that make up a user flow. Then provide controls that allow:

  • comments to be turned on or off
  • viewing of inspect on or off

Perhaps when publishing the prototype there is a choice to “publish as” either a prototype, or collection for dev hand-off.

In response to this post (my team has the same problem)

Here’s an idea illustrating the suggestion above. : )

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