Comment filter: add option of "Me mentioned"

sometimes – i’d love to see comments that only i am tagged in. it would be great to add such a filter option in the right side menu, in the filter popover

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 09.22.10

@Josefin_Hakanson are you looking to have a quick filter in the menu that only shows comments you are @-mentioned in specifically?

Just want to check, because if you set it to “only your threads” you should see only things you are specifically tagged in, threads you’ve participated in, and any comments you’ve made that other collaborators have replied to. This page has more details.

EDIT: removed a sentence that was later clarified in the thread below.

no that is correct! So then it already exists :slight_smile: this issue can be closed.

But “only my threads” is then, tbh, a really bad wording. It implies its only the threads that i have started – those are the only ones that are mine. If i’m mentioned in another comment, that someone else started – that is not my thread. that is the person that started that thread’s thread…

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Fair criticism on that! I’ll forward that feedback internally to have the wording reconsidered :sweat_smile:

I’m also going to mark your* answer as the solution, but leave this topic open just in case you (or any others) have any other questions/comments on this specifically.