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Color coded prototype details

1. When there is a lot of artboards, it can be VERY confusing when you look at the prototype portion of things. It would be great to be able color code the artboards and prototype details so that it will allow for better organization and visual traction.

2. Here are screenshots of the idea.


3. Is this something that you as a Figma user would value? Being able to decide the colors would also help keep things better organized.

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Oh, this is a cool idea for the prototyping noodles. :ramen:

Still, I think this might help clear things a bit, but I would have a second layer to it. Colors make it clearer for a small number of prototype connections, but if you have many connections as we usually see, this could also be improved by some visibility toggles. :thinking:

Being able to define “user flows” and tag them with colors is great, but then have them named and listed with toggle options would be great to create that clarity. :slightly_smiling_face:

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