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Clear pagination rules when in presentation mode

I’ve seen this bug be a thorn in many people’s side for the last 3 years and nothing seems to have been done about it.

When prototyping and viewing said prototype, there appears to be no definitive way to get the screens to display in the correct order. If I’m presenting a visual to a client, I need a way to cycle back and forth between screens with ease. My only options at the moment seem to be restarting the prototype or creating hotspots in my design to cycle back to the previous slide.

I would heavily suggest that the best and most intuitive way around this bugbear is to have pagination defined by layer order. Allowing the layer panel to be visible in presentation mode, along with a way to jump to a specified screen would save many of us time and reduced mental anguish.

Has anyone ever found a plugin that fixes this problem, or at least makes it a less frustrating experience?

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This needs to happen.

It needs to follow the way that Invision works.

I saw similar topics were closed without any answers, so I’m opening it up again:

How can I organize the pagination within a prototype to use the arrow keys for navigation?

It doesn’t depend on the structure of the left layer panel. So if I use the arrow keys to navigate through the prototype it sometimes shows a wrong screen and I have no indication why that is happening or how I can influence the order.