Circles won't align correctly

So I’m trying to make a logo and I noticed that circles won’t align correctly, there might be some skew (This happens with both Fill and Stroke). Please see screenshots below. Is this a common bug? This is my first time seeing it and I haven’t found a solution. Thank you.

I can’t upload all 3 eclipse(s) but here are the details:

Eclipse 1: X 340 Y 340 W 400 H 400
Eclipse 2: X 350 Y 350 W 380 H 380
Eclipse 3: X 353 Y 353 W 375 H 375

And yet the black ring isn’t symmetrical :pensive:

Ellipse (not eclipse) 3 has odd number dimensions, whereas the one you want to align it to doesn’t. Ellipse 3 would have to be placed at decimal (0.5) pixel coordinates which is disabled by default. If you want to enable sub-pixel movements, use the “snap to pixel grid” setting.

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Thank you for your help