Choose viewer or editor permissions when sharing

At the moment, when we share a Figma file or Figjam board, we can invite someone by email, but we can’t choose whether they should be a viewer or editor of that file/board (or in the team/organisation).

Presumably THEY then choose whether they want to be a viewer or editor (and why wouldn’t they choose editor if the option’s there!)

This means we have to constantly review our members in admin settings and change those who’ve made themselves editors to viewers.

As we can’t send any context with the invite [Add a message to invites], we can’t tell them to ‘choose viewer’ unless we send a message to each person separately (and we’d need to remember to do so).

It would be a lot easier if we could choose whether the invitee(s) should be a viewer or editor at the point of sending the invite.

When inviting someone by email, you can control permissions. Please see the following Help Center articles:


As @tank666 has suggested, I actually see the option to share as editor or viewer. However I was shocked to find later that my bill increased substantially: The intuitive option when sharing files is to choose “can edit”, however there is no indication to other team members that doing this will trigger a new (paid) editor account, especially for sharing to external project members outside our organization. While we can educate the internal team, I find it strange that there’s no option to only allow admins to grant editor access if this requires subscription changes. Am I missing something?

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