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Choose a variant to displayed as the main thumbnail in asset tab

Currently, the first component within a variant is displayed as the thumbnail for the variant in the asset tab.

Here is an example;

(Image shows “primary button” as a thumbnail for the variant)

This can be problematic when the first of its kind is not visible ex. invisible divider, or small button…

I want the ability to assign the variation to be the thumbnail displayed for the variant in the asset tab.

You can move variants around and the top left variant is chosen as the default one. Or do you want to have the preview that is different from the default variant? Won’t it be confusing?


Thanks for your response.

I am not asking for the preview to be different from the default, I agree it would be confusing.

To clarify, I would like to be able to assign the default variant. Currently, as you have stated, the variant located top left is the default. I want more flexibility.