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Checking for conflicts is stuck

trying to review and merge changes (small ones) - the screen is stuck on “checking for conflicts” and nothing happens.

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I experienced this as well yesterday and today. I just reload the file and tried to do the merge several times until it worked. It might be some backend services that time out?

Same here. Happened once. Reloaded the file and it worked again.

Hello everyone! Thank you for reporting this issue.

We have filed a bug and will update when this has been fixed.

In the meantime, please try reloading your file and see if that resolves the issue for you. Thank you for your patience!

Small file and small branch to test/try. Very slow progress on checking for conflict with eventually getting hung.

Same here. Resolving conflicts screen freezes and eventually goes white :anguished: it’s been like this for three days now and reloading the file has no effect.

Same here.