Changing text in a component is not displayed in Preview mode

Hi! I have a problem that I don’t know how to solve and can’t find a solution on the internet

I have a Notification component that has 2 states: “Default and Hover”

In the hover state, it has 2 buttons - “Also Deliver to” and “Notification Enabled” (are one component with icon swap instances)

The button component has a tooltip that displays on hovering

The tooltip has a content property to change the tooltip label
img 1

So I need to make it so I can change the label of the tooltip depending on the button. It works in the edit window, as you can see I can change the tooltip label to “Also Deliver to”, but when I go to Preview mode, it shows the default tooltip text on hovering
[](https://img 2)

How to solve this? Thanks!

I think that you have found a solution to your problem and/or that it is no longer necessary.
You can find a possible answer to this question here:

I also have this problem at the moment and the solution given in my link has helped me. So that I don’t change the names of the nested components.

To be honest, I find it significant and incredibly annoying that this bug has been discussed and reported so often and no one has yet bothered to solve this problem.

In the worst case: Just don’t let me change the names in this case. Would be a bad solution but at least you get the desired behavior and don’t have to dig through Google to find this strange train of thought.

Rejoiced too soon… I just realized that the status of the first element must not be changed if it is to work…