Changing color component, no change in instances

Hello there,

When I want to change color for instance swap property in component, color is not change in instances. I don’t know whats wrong here. Can anyone help please?

Video: Figma issue (?) - Color in instances doesn't change when updated in component - YouTube


This might be something to do with the override being done to the instance.

I’d also check to make sure the layer name is the same on the icon contents. Sometimes that can also create issues if something is called “Union” and another is called “Vector”, etc.

Thanks for your reply but I think this is not about layer names. They have same name and structure.

Were you able to fix the issue or is it persisting?

Manual workaround is to add another variant, with property true/false (e.g. “Outline button: True/False”). After you change this property to false and then back to true color of icon will change to correct (updated) color.