Changes published in library are not updating component instances in other files that use the library

Hi there,

We have a team library with components, and other project files using instances of these components. When publishing changes to the master component in the source file (library) we stopped receiving the “Review and accept library updates” notification in other project files and obviously component instances were not updating.

Yesterday (17.01.2023), this notification was appearing but the changes were still not applied in component instances in other files.

This is an important issue, as all our work relies on the libraries working properly. Urgent help would be appreciated.


UPDATE: I tried solution #3 from this thread and it is still not working.


I have the same exact issue. I’ve update the main component but my instance component in other files does not change and also the properties in the component is the old version

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I am also seeing this issue. The layers within in the main component are changed but it doesn’t show in the children not in the origin file.

Hey All,

To try to repair the connection with the components and the library can you please try the following:

  1. Open the file with the instance with the issue and select the instance
  2. In the top left click the main menu and click ‘Quick Actions’
  3. Search the command “repair component connections” and click this to run this command
  4. Once complete refresh the page, then try publishing a new change and check if the update shows in the file

I have tried this back then too, it didn’t work. However, Figma released an update to fix the issue I was talking about, and apparently not only me. It is working fine now.

This issue came back for me around 2 days ago. Tried the steps listed above and it didn’t work. Any suggestions? Wait for an update?

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I have the same issue but the notification about the update does not show.

Hey, we have also had the same issue and what helped was for everyone apart from one person to get out of the file, multiple people working on the same components and file was causing the problem. Then Figma refreshed itself and started registering the component updates in the library.

We are also experiencing this same issue.

Changes are being published, but none of the components are being updated. If I drag the updated component from the asset panel then it’s indeed the latest version, but we have so many child components that this isn’t a feasible way of doing it every time a change happens.

We’ve been dealing with this for many days now.

Now it suddenly started working. It’s very come-and-go and has caused about 3 hours of delay in work today. Please fix this ASAP as it’s costing a lot of man-hours and delays.

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I have the same issue. I changed an item in a library component and the changes do not show up in an already existing file. I tried all the solutions mentioned here but it does nothing. Even if I change the component, it doesn’t show up as a possibility to update the other file either. Please fix this!

And randomly other components show up that apparently were updated, yet they were not changed, so they shouldn’t even appear in the “Publish New Version” area. WEIRD

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Same. This is super frustrating. I’ve spent the last month working on a brand-new design system for my company, everything worked fine last week, and now one of the most asked-for components is not updating.

I tried the “Repair Component Connections” trick, but it didn’t work.

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I’m having the same issue here! Super frustrating!

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The issue is really terrible. I can’t keep working. Please fix it

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Just happened to me too. The solution didn’t help!

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Mine is also not working :frowning: tried refresh, changing browser, changing to and from app, republishing and that solution and nothing has worked. Pease help!

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Same issue its very frustrating… The message that usually shows up saying to updates the components that have been changed in the library wont show up anymore in my design file. Can you please fix this.

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Super frustrated as well, and I finally have it working again. I did two things, and I am not sure if 1 was part of the solution, so try 2 first:

  1. (desperation) I cut and pasted the entire board (CTRL-X > CTRL-V) - all elements/components etc.
  2. Click “Assets” in the side bar, click the library book icon, and you’ll get the Libraries/Updates popup. Click “Updates” on the right, and update them all.

I now get the automatic “Component updates available” popup. Hope 2 works for you as well.

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I am having the same issues, basically Figma is telling me that libraries are published but once I update them in the other files, half of the components are not changed. None of the listed solutions works for me.

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I’m having this issue too. The notification of updates on the component is showing but nothing changes on the file. Hope Figma fix this ASAP!

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Us too - getting “Publishing Successful” message, but changes aren’t applying and styles aren’t updating… I also have team members that are not getting updates from files (not even showing that there are updates to pull in) - in some cases it eventually shows up - 5 days later (literally)…