Change the direction of the rows when using wrap

I’ve been using the wrap function in auto-layout since it came out last June. It has helped me a lot, however there are some options I would like to see being added; being able to change the direction of the rows when using auto layout wrap.

For example: I’m working on a tile which displays a set of indicator on the bottom. The tile is able to show a max of 4 indicators in one row. When using wrap and showing 6 indicators, the first row shows 4 indicators and the second row shows 2. What I would like to see is an option to change the direction of the rows. Changing the direction would result in showing 2 indicators in the top row and 4 in the bottom row, instead of the other way around.

The same principle should be able for columns created by auto layout wrap. This might be interesting for cultures who read right to left. [edit: i just found out wrapping is only horizontal, which means it can only create rows, not columns]

I’m sure i’m not the first person who thought of the idea, but I couldn’t find an existing topic posted on this forum.


Totally agree. This would be super helpful and would align with how flexbox works in CSS.

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Yes, I always stumble apon this problem when designing responsive banners and columns.

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