Change the button state by clicking on a different component

Hello everyone,
Since a new update has been released, I thought there might be new ways to solve this problem.
I have the following problem: I would like my button to change from “disabled” to “Default” as soon as you select one or more things from a list. Since I have over 10 options that can be selected and the option to select 1, 2, 3, 4 or all of them, the number of possible combinations increases gigantically and definitely too much work. Is there any way that as soon as an option is clicked, my “next” button changes to default without having to create a common component? (Unfortunately, I can’t upload any images because the work is not allowed to be published).
Thanks for any help

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Yes, you can achieve this with variables and advanced prototyping. For example, you can have 2 variables (number and string). The number is used to count the selected objects, and the string is used to change the variant of the button component. Then write the logic you need. For example, if more than 3 objects are selected, then set the button variable to the default value, otherwise set the disable value.


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