Change 'Section' - Quick Command

I’m experiencing an issue with the ‘Section’ quick command…

I find that the quick command for this feature is being applied when I’m not intending it to be — It’s impacting workflow and causing confusion across our design team.

I feel like the quick command for this feature is less important as it’s required after exploration/discovery.

Is anyone else having an issue with this?

Hello, Daniel. I hope you are good.

Are you talking about the shortcut “SHIFT + S”? If so, why do you find this shortcut being applied when it’s not intended?

Also, as I’ve read your message, you mentioned this feature is not as important as after the exploration/discovery phrase. Could you elaborate on this?

In any case, I use sections in my everyday design to group things and to also indicate to the developer that the screens that are on determined section are ready for development

Hi @Emmanuel8 - thanks for the message. I just re-read my comment and can see where it’s a bit confusing…let me add more detail:

First, I LOVE the Sections feature — I use it to group my work and keep it organized, but more importantly, we link internal teams and partners to specific aspects of the work, which is the best aspect of the feature (in my opinion)

The issue I’m experiencing is with the quick command - Shift + S is a common keystroke when adding copy and annotating designs. I’m finding that I’m adding sections without realizing it, which is causing me to go back and remove the section, which isn’t as easy as deleting the section - you have to first remove the elements from the section.

  • I don’t think the quick command should be removed, but the keystroke action shouldn’t be as common as Shift + S.

Now, I might be the only designer experiencing this issue…I’m super curious to see if others are experiencing the same.

Thanks for the feedback, @Daniel138!

We’ve updated your topic to a feature request to gauge feedback from the community. Though it might also be solved with this popular feature request in the community:

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Hi @dvaliao - thanks for responding! This feature would solve the problem :slight_smile:

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