Change prototype flow based on starting point

Hi all,
I have a screen that has 2 options: Option A and Option B

In prototype, once I select one of these 2, I go throught some pages which are the same in both Options A & B. Then I come across another selection. In this screen I have Option C and Option D

Now the next page shows content based if user selected Option C or D. After that, once user finishes that flow, they are presentated with another page based on Option A or B.

My question:
How can I change the prototype flow based on the “selected option” in the background? Is there a token I can create and based on that token value the flow (arrows) go in different directions? Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure I understood your problem well, but take a look at this thread: Prototype flow sharing screens in both A & B flow.

Hi @tank666 , thanks for the answer. But this is what I mean:

To simplify it - Based on user’s choice on Screen 1.0., the prototype opens a different screen when they tap “Next”

Another example would be: If I hit on a Cart icon, if there are no items - Empty page. If there are Items, then page with those items.

So conditional logic but for prototype

I figured it out. Had to use Boolean and Condition logic!

Hi there, can you explain the steps you took to with boolean and conditional logic to make this work?