Change in subscription warning

I was advise by the product support team to share my thoughts on here.

We are a small UX team using Figma as part of a bigger organisation, we are often inviting people to view our files but not edit (as it automatically adds a seat and charges us without notice). We have 2 requests/suggestions.

  1. Pop-up notification giving users a heads up when I’m about to do something which will change our subscriptions and how much we pay(nb seats, contributors,etc).

  2. When moving files from outside the team to inside the team, it automatically adds whoever had access as an editor to our team (and therefore changes our subscription). See point 1. for a potential solution.

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Yes, Figma, please address this issue. Recently, while using Figjam, an editor intended to share a file with someone else but mistakenly added another editor instead. Consequently, we were charged for an extra seat without being aware of it.

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