Change Device Resolution instead of Frame Resolution

Hello! I’m a pretty new user of Figma. For the wireframes I make, I made a lot of screenshots in our existing app on my iPhone 13. The screenshots are sized 2532x1170. I didn’t know about the prototype function yet, so I made many, many wireframes at this size. When I found out about prototype, I really wanted to set it to the iPhone 13 frame, but this frame is much smaller. I tried resizing my frames, but it messes up all the font sizes, buttons, etc. (Basically I would have to start from scratch)…

Is is possible somewhere to change the resolution of the device settings? So instead of having the iPhone 13 preset be 390x844, change it to be always 2532x1170?
Even nicer would be to just chose any phone preset and allow a ‘match width’ / ‘match height’ / fill / fit option to that phone preset.

Alternatively, is there a way for me to resize everything in such a way that everything scales down evenly and text shrinks with it, etc? I would prefer staying the true resolution, it helps to stay pixel perfect when cropping images.

Thank you for your time!

Hey Lisa, it is not currently possible to change the default measurements for device frames. However, you have the option of adjusting the width and height of the individual frames in the right-hand sidebar.

I recommend to use the scale tool to proportionally resize layers and objects.

Hope this helps!