Canvas size too big for PDF but cannot rescale Figjam content

Question: Is there some way/hack/plugin to scale Figjam content uniformly (like the scale tool does in Figma)

Unfortunately, I need to distribute elaborate UI diagrams as PDFs as I cannot get other depts in my company to use Figma.

nasty problem:

  • When creating larger flows by copying screens (1280x800 embedded software design) from Figma into Figjam, the resulting PDF quickly grows beyond the maximum allowed size (in pixels I mean, not megabytes)
  • Resizing them with the Scale tool (K) messes up the file since the elements from Figjam (stroke widths, fonts, arrowheads) do not scale uniformly.
  • This means that I need to rescale every screen I paste into Figjam uniformly to 25%. This completely breaks my workflow