Can't tag users in comments

I can’t tag some users in comments. When I type @, only a few users are listed, not all. This seem to affect selected users (other users are able to tag the users that are not shown for me).

Can it be a user-level permission issue? I used to be able to tag those users without problem in the past.

This happens on the web, as well as on Figma Desktop App version 116.0.4 (MacOS 12.4).


I’m experiencing this issue too and it’s driving me bananas. If there is a reason for this behavior, I should know why so that I can remedy it.

bump. I’d like to know this too!

Bananas for sure. Seems like a simple thing, but when it doesn’t work it really kills our ability to collaborate. This is still happening for me (March of 2023). I can mention 2 people, but no one else. Strangly, I can mention someone who isn’t even a part of this file/project/team (they are a part of another file in the same project). But I can’t mention someone I’ve specifically invited to this file.

I was able to get this working the following way.
I asked the person I was trying to @ mention to add a comment and tag me. As soon as he did that, I was able to mention him. I don’t know if it was just the comment alone, or also mentioning me that fixed it, but that worked for me at least.