Can't select prototype actions to copy and paste them. Last week it was working

It drives me crazy.

Chromium Version 117.0.5938.149.1 on High Sierra

Hi @Fehmi_Ozuseven, Thank you for contacting us regarding this matter. I empathize with your sentiment about things not functioning as they did previously.

I just checked on my side but I can copy/paste interactions when the Prototype tab on the right side is open. You may already know but you can review how to copy/past here: Create interactions - Copy and paste interaction details

Thanks for sharing your current browser and operating system!

Is it happening in the browser version? If so, please ensure that you are using the latest version of Chrome. If you are using Desktop app, the minimum requirement for mac is macOS 11 or later, so if it’s possible I recommend to update your OS.
Please take a look at this article for requirements:What browsers does Figma support?

If you still have issue after checking above, here is a guide to basic troubleshooting you can go through: Troubleshooting checklist

I hope the information provided above is helpful to you!

Thanks again for reaching out.

Thanks for your response @Junko3

The problem is same with the one below.

Tried with latest Chrome and Firefox. Same issue.

Hi Thanks for letting us know. I double-checked, but I couldn’t replicate the issue. We also looked into it internally, and it seems that we are not aware of this issue.

If you still experienced this issue after go through the linked checking list I mentioned in the above post, I recommend to reaching out our support team here for assistance:
When submitting, could you please provide the following details to help our team investigate further:

  • Use the email address associated with your Figma account.
  • Add as an Editor to the affected file and related library file (don’t worry, this won’t affect your billing), and share the file links.
  • Share a screen recording illustrating this issue to see the entire Figma screen, including the properties and layers in the left and right panels, with the relevant layers expanded.

Thanks for your assistance!