Can't scroll if `While Pressing` is in action

Hi, I need recommendations or any workaround.

I am currently working on a mobile prototype.

I have a scrollable container, and each of the components inside have a While Pressing action. Now, the problem is when I try to scroll, the While Pressing disrupts the scrolling.


Hi @Jerwin_Lallen, Thanks for getting in touch! I just tried to replicate the issue quickly, but it seems that while I press on those instance, I can still scroll the frame with those instances on it.

I may have overlooked something so, could you please share a brief video recording to explain the issue details? This visual demonstration will so much help our community grasp the issue better and provide more insight to assist.

Additionally, if anyone in our community has a workaround in mind, please feel free to share it.

Thanks a bunch!

My bad. I forgot to mention I was testing the prototype using screen mirror feature on the Figma mobile app. I wanted my clients to feel the prototype on their own phones.

Also, this happens only on overlay frames. I guess I’ll just use variants or something to open notifications. I’ll just find alternative for Close when clicking outside

I hope this will be fixed soon.

Sorry for the bad video quality.

Hey @Jerwin_Lallen, Thank you for sharing the information and the video – much appreciated!

I’m not entirely sure if I fully grasp the situation, but I ran some tests on my end. It seems that when mirroring, an overlay appears(Open overlay) when an object is pressed(While pressing), and scrolling becomes impossible when the finger is on the object displayed as an overlay. Have you and your clients experienced this issue as well?

I also want to thank you for looking into workarounds! If the scenario I described is accurate, using the Change to action with a variant, as you mentioned, could be a potential option.

I did some digging in our community and found similar feature request here:
Scrolling in overlay frames
Please feel free to vote or comment on that idea!

If I missed anything, please don’t hesitate to inform us. And if anyone else in our community has suggestions or input, feel free to join the conversation!

Thank you,