Can't remove a component

I can’t remove a component. I’ve looked through the forum issues and I can’t see the exact same scenario. I made a component and I need to remove it, but here’s the problem. When I try, there is no option to detach the instance or remove it.

This is what it looks like in the layers panel:
Screenshot 2024-06-27 at 4.10.00 PM

And when I try to right-click, here are the menu options:

I tried copying the component so I could detach it, but it copies it over just like a main component.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

I am having the same problems

Hey @Carly2, thanks for reaching out!

It’s sounds like you want to un-component a main component. Is that right?

If so, you want to:

  1. Select the main component (not an instance)
  2. Duplicate it to create an instance of that component
  3. Detach the instance of the component you just created
  4. Delete the original component